If my prostate cancer has not spread to the bones, lymph nodes, or any organs which would be the preferred option, surgery or radiation?

Already surgery. I don't know why you ask because it says in your conditions that you already had robotic prostatectomy. Comparing the 2 is difficult bc pros.tissue is still there aft.radiation.Johns Hopkins Dr.Walsh: 5-yr control rate after surgery. defined as psa 0.2 should be compared to 10yr control after radiation of nadir+2.Radiation technology is continuously improving so the answer to yr.q.is not a simple.
Surgery. The newer surgical approaches employing the DaVinci Robot is an effective way of handling the prostate with minimal side effects. If the pathology indicates more extensive of cancer process then RT can be employed. Responses to Taxotere (docetaxel) if spread found has been advantageous.