Related Questions

What are the side effects of too much vitamin C besides yellow pee?

More not nec better. There often seems to be this belief that if vitamin c (or any other herb, supplement, vitamin) is good for you, more is better. Firstly most of these probably have no benefit. Excess of them, certainly have a downside, in particular the lipid soluble vitamins (such as a, d, e, and k), which stay for long periods of time in the fat cells of the body (like thc). Diseases such as hypervitaminosis a.
Mineral deficiencies. Mega dose vitamin c can actually be dangerous. It is true that vitamin c is water soluble & you will excrete any vitamin c that you don't use. However, in order to excrete vitamin c in your urine, you must also excrete minerals as well. Therefore, excess vitamin c can lead to mineral deficiencies, especially a copper deficiency. Be very cautious in megadosing any vitamin or mineral or amino acid.

Golden yellow urine after taking vitamin c, is that ok?

Bright yellow. In general, taking in more vitamin c than you need will turn the urine bright orange/yellow in color. That just shows that the money you spent on vit c is being peed out! Not dangerous, just a waste of money.

What are the side effects of too much vitamin C other than yellow urine?

Not yellow urine. Vit c does not cause yellow urine - it's the b vits that do that. If you take too much vit c you will have loose stools or diarrhea till your body gets rid of the excess.

Can vitamin C make you pee a lot?

Typically not. Excess vitamin c is excreted by your body, but doesn't necessarily cause you to urinate. Vitamin c deficiency may affect your body including allowing development of urinary tract infections that may increase painful urination. Get your vitamin c from whole foods like broccoli and kiwi.