Hi I was diagnosed with have chronic urticaria, angiodema in 2011. Have had 30 anaphylaxis since I'm take antihistamines, break out in hives daily. Developing lipomas & cysts everywhere.?

Allergist. I recommend seeing an allergist/immunologist. Often high dose antihistamines and other meds are needed to get control. Also you need to be evaluated to find out if the episodes are the urticaria/angioedema or truly anaphylaxis. .
Chronic urticaria. I presume you have had skin testing for allergens? I know of a tough couple cases just like yours that were due to an unrecognized gluten allergy. Docs are used to thinking that gluten allergy means just celiac disease, but thats not true. Try a gluten free diet for thirty days. It takes nearly two weeks to begin to lessen the symptoms. Take a look at Dr Perlmutter's book the Grain Brain.

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22yr female. Experience the following symptoms: angioedema, chronic urticaria, anaphylaxis, bone/muscle pain etc, is this systemic mastocytosis?

Not sure. Symptoms like you describe can be found in serious rheumatologic conditions, require laboratory testing and biopsy, and serious medical consideration. Get moving on seeking expert medical opinion now. If you have had major weight loss, or weakness (difficulty walking) do not accept delay in the appointment. Read more...
Serum tryptase level. You're certainly describing an entity that sounds histamine mediated but of course can be due to other causes and mediators. Does she have urticaria pigmentosa? Have you done a serum tryptase level? To my knowledge the one definitive diagnostic is a bone marrow bx. The other lab i look at to asses a histamine mediated process is anti high affinityfc epsilon receptor antibodies. Any meds? Read more...