What does urocit k (potassium citrate) do?

Inhibits crystals. Urocit k (potassium citrate) alters urine acid levels and provides citrate which binds to calcium so it can't complex with oxalate to form the most common form of kidney stone.

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What dose of urocit k (potassium citrate)?

Depends. Urocit-k is useful in the treatment of recurrent kidney stones and its dose will vary depending on the clinical situation. The typical starting dose is 30meq per day, which is divided into two (15meq) or three (10meq) doses. The max dose is 100meq/day. The dose will depend on renal function, response measured through urine collection studies, and patient compliance. Please check with your doctor.

Urocit k (potassium citrate) good for the prevention of kidney stones?

Often. Most kidney stone are formed of calcium and oxalate. Urocit k (potassium citrate) can reduce crystallization of these substances by adjusting the acid level of the urine and providing citrate. Citrate binds to urinary calcium so it can't bind to oxalate. If the stones are formed of other substances urocit k (potassium citrate) may not help. For most patients it may be beneficial.
Urocit K (potassium citrate) yes, this is potassium citrate. Citrate is essential for stone prevention. Our kidneys produce some citrate naturally, but diet intake of citrate from lemon and orange is very important. Urocit K is excellent as a strategic additional source of citrate. Potassium also mutes stone formation somewhat. Minimize salt. Minimize meats. Drink 3-4 liters per day.

Do you prescribe urocit k (potassium citrate) for the prevention of kidney stones?

Yes. It can be used to prevent recurrent kidney stones in patients with low urinary citrate. This measurement should be done by a specialized kidney stone laboratory.
Yes. It is used to prevent recurrent calcium oxalate as well as uric acid stones.
Urocit K (potassium citrate) Personally, yes, I have prescribed Urocit K for kidney stone prevention and for nephrocalcinosis management. I find that patients prefer liquid citrate vehicles, such as Bicitra, (citric acid and sodium citrate) Polycitra, ReaLemon Extract, and orange juice, though.

How much potassium citrate?

100 to 150 meq q day. When treating diseases such as renal tubular acidosis or kidney stones, the daily dosages are 100 to 150 meq total per day. Dosages should be taken with food.

Where can I buy potassium citrate online?

Why. If you are treating a specific disease potassium citrate can be obtained by rx. I know there are multiple websites but I do not know one that should be used. I am curious why why do you want to buy it?

Where can I buy potassium citrate online, that will ship?

What for. The recipe for gunpowder uses potassium nitrate, if you need it for chemistry, buy it from a chemistry asupply house.

Is rash linked to potassium citrate?

Rare. There is a always a potential for severe life threatening reaction that can cause severe skin rash that would include hives and other skin manifestations.