Can damage to anal sphincter be mistaken for constipation?

Constipation . I'm wondering what kind of anal sphincter injury you are talking about. It seems unlikely. If you are concerned you may have analysis sphincter damage, I recommend you have an exam by a doctor. .

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Puborectalis&external anal sphincter dyssynergia for a year. Severe constipation doesn't respond to dietry changes&water. What to do for constipation?

Constipation. If you have the urge but cannot move your bowels,insert a rectal dulcolax suppository or a fleets enema. Sometimes manual disimpaction or full tap waster enema is needed. If you have no urge at all, take oral laxative like fleets phosphosoda, milk of magnesia or dulcolax tablets. Presence of abdominal distension, severe cramps or vomiting requires a physician's prompt attention. Daily senokotS ok. Read more...

Was given amitriptyline for lack of full anal sphincter function (basically, poop gets stuck & I can urge it out). Not constipated. Will this help it?

Not sure. Amitriptylene has certain side effects which oppose bowel activity and slow it down. Constipation can result. If the doctor's idea is that your anal sphincter tone is too high, amitriptylene could help. I'll add that if this doesn't work, certain homeopathic remedies may be more useful for you. You could consult a professional homeopath to receive the one most likely to work for you. Read more...