I've had gum disease for several years. My dentist hasn't recommended any procedures such as deep cleaning. Does that mean I don't need it?

Not necessarily. I would be more comfortable if you saw a Periodontist, a gum/bone specialist, to make sure that everything possible is done to bring your gum disease into a state of remission.
Gum disease. Gum disease, left untreated only gets worse in time. If your gums are not healthy, either you are not keeping them clean enough, you are not getting proper\sufficient dental care, or both. This assumes no contributing medical problems. I would recommend you get a second opinion from a Periodontist. But remember, you must also take responsibility for your dental health.
Second opinion. If you are concerned then get a second opinion as to the he wealth of your gums.
Gum DISEASE. If bleeding from somewhere on your body and u couldn't control it you would have it treated! Bleeding from your gums can indicate the potential for much more serious problems than tooth loss. The fact you know you have gum DISEASE, gone untreated, or worse undiagnosed is very concerning! To be 17 and having gum disease for years very concerning! You need a second opinion or a periodontist ASAP!

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Dentist did laser/deep cleaning on teeth/gums. I have gum disease. Bacteria test is positive. Have stomach ulcers. Can I take align with metronizadole?

Not necessary. Align is a probiotic supplement for your digestive health. Antibiotic may kill the good bacteria and disrupt the balance of its activities. When using lanap or laser therapy, most of the time the antibiotic is an adjunctive procedure and not required. Discuss with your periodontist about not using antibiotics. Strict follow up, occlusal adjustment, and recall is what brings success to your tx. Read more...