I am having a thick mucus discharge, I am 50?

Normal. Mucus discharge by itself is often normal. If it becomes discolored, irritation, or with a bad odor it needs to be further evaluated.

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I have not had a period in eight yrs, I am having a thick mucus discharge, I am 50 and have finished menopause?

Depends. Discharge after menopause should be evaluated. Thick mucus discharge could be a yeast infection, bacterial infection, or signs that you have cervical inflammation. Have it checked out.

Thick mucus discharge? What did she give me?

Find out. If you have reason for worry the steps are: 1) see a doctor, there's no other way to tell if you 'got' anything, 2) talk with her (?) i'd to learn the facts before jumping to conclusions.

Clear thick mucus discharge w/ spotting I do have endometriosis what is wrong with me it's a lot of discharge?

You need an exam. Cultures and an ultrasound as it could be from an infection or endometriosis or something inside the endometrium liek a polyp, etc., so please see your gyn for a proper workup.

I am experiencing passing gas, thick mucus discharge tinged with blood. Feel urgency to deficate but only mucus discharge. Happening 20+ times daily. Embarrassing and exhausting. Please help.?

Need to examine. What you described suggests inflammation of the rectum, proctitis. You should consult a GI specialist for evaluation and treatment. It is not feasible to prescribe a treatment without examining you. Wish you good health!