Is a blood pressure of 127/34 as my second reading was 114/70. Heart rate is 60 to 70 resting when waking up over 50 under 60?

Normal. Why are you measuring your BP? Did a doctor advised to do so or you are just curious? At age 24, without symptoms (according to your profile), you have better things to do with your time than creating anxiety by measuring BP frequently.

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Is it possible to have high levels of adrenaline if blood pressure is on low side but heart rate is high (resting 90-105) (exercising 175-200)?

Possibly. There are rare disorders where adrenaline levels are high. You can see an endocrinologist to help see if you have one. The more likely explanation is elsewhere- perhaps anemia, caffeine, medications (cymbalta (duloxetine) can do this), or heart related. Read more...