What is cancer of the eye?

Please elaborate . Cancer is cancer and eyes are eyes. Cancer of the eye i assume is a cancer in any part of the eye. Why you are asking? What age is the pt? What part of the eye is of concern, the retina?
Eye cancer. Cancer occurs in any part of the body, including the eye. Although there are many types of eye cancer, one prominent type is ocular melanoma, which may begin in the eye, or may spread to the eye from the skin. Ask your eye doctor to check your eyelids and eyes for any signs of cancer. Wear sunglasses when outside in the bright sunshine and use sunscreen.

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Please tell me what causes cancer underneath the eye?

Sun. We don't know what causes most cancers. We do, however, know that cancer of the lower eyelid is most associated with sun exposure. Read more...

What can cause cancer underneath the eye?

Antral lesion. Under the eye can refer to region of lower lid or floor of orbit. Lower eyelid tumors are not that rare. Tumors under the globe are usually not metastatic occurring more commonly in the retroorbital region. When a tumor presents under the globe the maxillary sinus should be evaluated by scan anticipating that a lesion of the sinus can expand and rupture superiorly into the orbit. Read more...