Is it ok for teen boys to have temper tantrums?

NO ! Temper tantrums are normal only in infants. I have seen a teenage boy dive through a plate glass window when reprimanded. Many kick doors and walls and the overwhelming reason for it is dietary mayhem.I have published this in the medica literature and have suggested that school shootings and vandalism are related to high calorie malnutrition, i.e. Junk foods, particularly sweet caffeinated drinks.
His doctor needs to . know their severity, frequency & nature, if they occur at home & school & impact his or the family's functioning to assess for drug use, mental illness, bullying &/or learning, peer interaction & family system problems. Negative or positive attention reinforces tantrums. Write a contract of rules & consequences & consistently reinforce them calmly & matter-of-factly, if no pathology exists.