Is planned parenthood a teen sexual health clinic?

At times. Planned parenthood is a generalized substitute for gynecologic and general health care for women. Most of their efforts are in pelvic inflammatory disease, cancer detection and birth control. A few other areas of interest like pregnancy termination, a small percentage of their total efforts, have been a target of politically inspired demagogues. Female teen sexual health is addresed there.

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What is a teen sexual health clinic?

Prevention. It is a clinic designed to promote health in teenagers and prevent high risk behaviours such as drinking, drug use, sexual activity. They treat sexually transmitted infections and offer information on birth control.

Teen sexual health causes problems. Why don't they teach abstinence?

They do. In many places, abstinence is taught aggressively. Unfortunately that is often ineffective since our sex drive is one of the most powerful forces in our existence. Like any other aspect of life, education into techniques, benefits, risks, psychological and physical aspects of relationships, variations in preferences, etc., seem an essential part of understanding human sexuality.
Abstinence is taught. Unfortunately that is often ineffective since our sex drive is one of the most powerful forces in our existence. When teens act on the drive they often have the least information and this often leads health problems.
It is, however. Teens are in their own developmental world. The rightly know that their parents do not know how other teens dress/talk/think. They often look at how comical it is for their parents to expect abstinence when they do not & the teen world pushed anything but. Scientifically balanced sex education with no slant is more likely to get them to think and make valid choices.

Serious teen sexual health/pregnancy question. I'm desperate.?

What is question? You are free to go ahead and ask any question you would like, and not be judged. If you are desperate would be happy to try and help.

Teen sexual health site?

Iwannaknow. Iwannaknow. Com separates fact from myth and is a good resource for teens.

Teen sexual health problems.?

Question? If you are asking whether teens may have problems with their sexual health, the answer is yes. Seek help.

What is best for sexual health problems - gp, nurse or clinic?

Sexual help. The initial person to discuss your sexual health is your gynecologist. Then, any health professional you trust.
Specialist. Its best to find someone who you are comfortable with. Some one who is trained and knowlegeable about sexual health. Someone who can get to know you and develop a therapeutic relationship.