What causes ocular melanoma?

Uv rays. Medical answer - like many other types of cancer, we aren't quite sure what causes ocular melanoma, but there is suspicion that it is related to exposure to the uv rays of the sun. This theory has yet to be proven, however. Holistic answer interference field reflexing to eye - usually some sort of injury to liver since liver meridian travels into eye - might need coherence to energy field.
Unclear. It is unclear what causes ocular melanoma. One risk factor is exposure to ultraviolet sun rays, but if that were the only risk factor, ocular melanoma would be much more common. There is probably some genetic contribution that develops over life that is not yet well-understood. So you can see that there is no simple answer.
Not clear. Nobody knows for sure, just recently, there was a fairly unique genetic mutation identified in ocular melanoma, called gnaq. But its significance or role is unknown.

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What is ocular melanoma?

Dangerous cancer. Ocular melanoma is an rare but aggressive cancer of pigment cells in the eye, typically from a layer of cells called the uvea. It is similar to melanoma which can develop in the skin. When it develops it is often painless and may not cause blurred vision. It is best detected on a complete eye exam. Treatment is available, and most effective if caught early.
Cancer. Melanoma is a cancer that arises in pigmented cells and can occur throughout the body. The skin is the most common site. If it arises in the eye, most commonly in the back, it is called ocular melanoma. It can also appear in the conjunctiva.

My spouse has just been diagnosed with ocular melanoma. What can I do to reassure him?

Advocate for him. I recommend that you learn as much as you can by visiting trusted websites such as the one from the national cancer institute (www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/ pdq/treatment/intraocularmelanoma) and the ocular melanoma foundation (www. Ocularmelanoma. Org). The important thing is that he was diagnosed and hopefully the tumor is small. His life is worth more than the potential loss of his eye.
Specialist. Make sure he is seen and treated by a specialist who takes care of ocular melanoma all the time.
Treatable. Ocular melanoma is rare, and serious, but treatable. I have taken care of a range of patients with this diagnosis. Treatment usually involves surgical removal of the eye or radiation. A thorough evaluation includes ct of liver to make sure it has not spread. If so, additional chemotherapy might be necessary. At a center that takes care of these patients, there will be plenty of support!

Is ocular melanoma the same as skin melanoma?

Yes. Melanoma occurs when melanocytes (the pigment producing cells) found in the body become damaged and start to divide out of control becoming cancer. Melanocytes are found in the skin, the middle layer of the eye (the uvea), the inner ear, brain (meninges), bones, and heart.
Not really. Ocular melanoma starts in the back of the eye and is genetically and clinically different than the more common skin melanoma. Although they look fairly similar under the microscope, their typical clinical patterns are very different.
In some ways. Yes, in some ways it is. Recent research has demonstrated various ways in how it is different. For example, skin melanoma and ocular melanoma have different gene mutation signatures. Second, ocular melanoma almost exclusively spreads to the liver.
Almost. All melanomas are due to a cancerous mutation of the pigmented cells of the body. Each has some characteristics of the tissue from which it is derived. So skin and ocular melanomas are almost the same but spread in slightly different way when untreated. However both types can be lethal.

Can the laser be used to treat ocular melanoma?

In general, yes... Surgery for any given tumor (om or otherwise) is always very patient specific. What works for one patient may be totally inappropriate for another. The best therapy depends on the details of a patient, which necessarily can't be discussed here. Seek out a facility and physician team that has lots of experience with your type of tumor.
Laser melanoma. Ocular melanoma is not treated by destruction but by removal and the laser can be used as a cutting device. A retinal specialist would be the best to answer this in detail and they would need to know more details.

I was just diagnosed with ocular melanoma on my iris. What to expect?

Treatment. If this is small or early, the involved iris can be resected. Some chemo therapy or radiation therapy is sometimes necessary. You will be followed closely by an ocular oncologist, a general oncologist and sometimes a radiation therapist. Best of luck.

I recently had a liver resection to cut out Ocular Melanoma metastasis. What would you expect to be elevated in the blood work results 10 days out?

Many things. It would not be unexpected for many of the serum measurements to be out of normal limits. Liver enzymes, obviously; but elecrtolytes as well as hemoglobin and hematocrit can be off due to intravenous supplementation. It may take four to six week to normalize.
ALT AST. It's more important if any symptoms ie pain fever in relation to blood work so soon after resection.
Liver enzymes. I would expect all of your liver enzymes to elevated.

25y/o m blonde/blue eyes; went tanning a few times w/o goggles. Maybe 60min of exposure to be conservative. How much raised risk for ocular melanoma?

Minimal. Ocular melanoma is rare and seems to be a spontaneous event. Sunlight does not play a role in its formation due to the protection from the cornea and lens. You have no doubt increased your likelihood of skin melanoma a little bit. Don't worry about the eyes.

Can an ocular melanoma tumor be surgically removed without radiation therapy or removing my eye?

Ask your specialist. That is a very specific question which can't be answered without a lot of information which we can't share in a forum like this. Seek out an institution and physician team with experience in ocular melanoma. Best wishes!
It all depends. Your question can have many different answers depending on the details of your particular case. I would recommend speaking directly with the doctors involved with your case. Here are websites that can provide you with more info. Http://www. Ocularmelanoma. Org/ http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/melanoma/ocular. Html.

I have liver mets from primary ocular melanoma. I slept with a castor oil pack 2 days ago. My abdomen & lower right are painful. Will this subside?

This is outside? Castor oil packs most likely do not do anything. I am thinking of the external application of the oil in cloth on skin. If there is heat, there could conceivably be a burn from the heat but any damage from it would be visible. ON THE OTHER HAND. Cancer everywhere can do bad and painful things. Without an actual examination, I cannot give specific medical advice on your particular health,
Seek exam. You need to make your oncologist aware of your symptoms.