I'm 24.my teeth aren't aligned. Front two teeth are like Ronaldinho-football star of Brazil. Is it possible to align by orthodontics? How long it'l take?

Yes. If you are interested in correcting the alignment of your teeth, orthodontic evaluation and treatment would be recommended. The length of time for treatment may vary from patient to patient, the type of orthodontic technique utilized, your ability to follow instructions during treatment, as well as the severity of your problem. The orthodontist providing treatment can offer you a time estimate.
Average. Average time in corrective treatment is about 18 months for kids, 24 months for adults, when treatment provided by a qualified Orthodontic Specialist. Treatment is a service, not a commodity, so time in treatment is individualized to your problem set. See an Orthodontist for description of your overall problem and treatment choices. Initial exam usually complimentary.