Allergic to milk and soy based formulas?

Elemental formula. There are multiple brand of formula available that are either hydrolyzed or if the allergy is true ige mediated then there are 2 formula products available that are pure Amino Acid formulas (neocate and elecare) without any of the milk or soy protiens.

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What should be done if toddler is allergic to cow milk and soy based formulas?

Elemental formulas. For those who become intolerant to bovine and soy protein, there are elemental formulas that contain predigested proteins that work. You can find one (alumentum, alumentum ready to feed, nutramagen, elecare).All are expensive but after 4-6 weekss on one, the gut may heal enough to tolerate other foods. Work with your ped to find one that works for your kid.All are difficult. Read more...