Small head circumference and low weight percentile mean failure to thrive?

Depends. By definition, at least 3% of the normal population will grow along the smallest portion of the regular growth scales. Consistent growth along that or any percentile is not necessarily a failure to thrive. However;infants starting at the 25% & moving down to the 10% months later & heading toward the 5% in such measurements would be considered ftt because if the drop in growth rate.

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What is the definition or description of: Small head circumference?

Microcephaly. Microcephaly is a neonatal malformation defined as a head size much smaller compared with other babies of the same age and sex. Head sizes are measured with the head circumference and if it is below 2 stander deviations it is considered small.

What if a fetus has small head circumference?

Multiple causes. Probably the most common group is due to genetics & these kids grow up fine with normal development & intellectual functioning. The alternatives are many and have variable outcomes: pre-natal injury (toxins, trauma, infection, low oxygen); brain malformations;metabolic disorders ; syndromes :degenerative disorders. These groups have specific findings on evaluation but may not be detected until older.
Wait and see. You need to discuss with your pediatrician. Are length and weight small? Was the child premature? Are there any dysmorphic features or signs of a syndrome? You may have to wait a while as child develops to get an answer.

What Factors make a Cranium Smaller than Avarage Head Size? Besides Genetics I have a Small Head Circumference

Intra-uterine viral. There are several intra-uterine infections causing small head size. These are TOXOPLASMOSIS, CMV, HERPES, and others.
Most are bad. The cranium grows to the size needed for the brain contained therein. The genetic factors that give you a smaller head also produce a normal functioning brain that gets by with less volume. If there is any factor that injures brain development early on, usually the first 12 weeks, like Zika virus/Cytomegalovirus/etc. The brain mass will not grow much and the skull will only grow to reduced size.

Does Poor Nutrition and Lack of Sleep cause a Small Head Circumference?

It can. Luis, I assume you are talking about a child? If so, poor nutrition can lead to slower growth, causing a smaller head circumference. Consult your pediatrician, and follow their nutritional guidelines to better assist your child's growth. Hope this helps!
Unlikely the issue. Head size is usually determined by genetic factors from one or both parents. In some, brain abnormalities or syndromes that result in poor development of the brain structures will result in less natural push to create a larger skull. These patients are significantly impaired.

Why Underweight patients have a Small Head Circumference?

See below. Prolonged malnutrition adversely affects weight gain first, linear growth next, and lastly head growth.

What Stops the Skull/Brain and Jaw from Growing in Childhood Years? I'm insecure about my Small Head Circumference im 6'2 tall

Genetics. Head size in general is determined by genetics, with 90% or more accomplished by age 9. Some medical conditions can increase or decrease head growth, but these lead to obvious changes in intellectual performance. There is a wide range of normal adult head size and your doc could review your concerns and investigate other issues if needed.

Me and my husband both have small head but my 2 month old baby have 85 percentile head circumference is that normal?

Yes. If your baby is growing fine and following his growth curve steadily, shouldn't be a problem, but keep the follow up and measurements, he or she doesn't need to be the same as you parents, enjoy your baby.