L5-S1 microdiscectomy Fri for left leg sciatic pain. Calf/foot pain relief w/some thigh/behind knee pain. Pain less AM but sharp pain down left leg into foot w/pain level of 9.5 & hurts sitting/lying.

Microdiskectomy. Give it some time; sometimes simply moving the roots around can upset the lumbar plexus and give you intermittent (even quite severe) pain, although it resolves within a week or two. Getting to the disk requires mobilization of the roots and inflammatory changes from that- or the disk herniation- itself can give this pain. As long as bowel and bladder OK, hopefully this will resolve also. Best!
Call your surgeon. pain of that severity radiating into your leg after back surgery to take pressure off the nerve root is concerning and might indicate swelling or other problems at the surgical site. Please get in touch with the operating surgeon right away.