Sir, is any kind of liquid discharge from breast normal during 7 months of pregnency? It is discharged oftenly from my left breast.

Milky discharge okay. Discharge from the breast in pregnancy is common. It is usually white and can be thick. Don't try to squeeze your breast to see if anything comes out as this will make your uterus cramp. Let your doctor know if you ever have bloody discharge, pregnant or not.

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Last year I had a benign tumor removed from my left breast, its been one year and these days iam noticing a brown liquid discharge, I have a small lump remaining inside and my periods are irregular, what shall I do?

Breast Discharge. Although not likely anything to be concerned about it does need to be checked with an exam and also likely some labs. You should see your Gyn or breast specialist for a check up and also to get treatment started. Read more...