Sudden, short head pains?

Migraine? Some varieties of migraine exhibit sharp, icepick like pains, for a few seconds, but other variants may have intense pains lasting 30-60 minutes. Best to seek medical attention, as most of these problems can readily respond to a variety of medicines.

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I have a lot of short head pains but they are severe. They last from 2-3 seconds in length and then go away. Any reason for this?

Head or face? If its the face then the problem could be trigeminal neuralgia if its the back of the head it could be occipital neuralgia. Read about both on wikipedia and go to your doctor for an exam and diagnosis.

Short head pains and lightheaded with high temperature?

Headche and fever. You need to see your doctor to find out the cause of your fever and headache. You may just have virus infection causing your symptoms or if there may be sinus infection or some other cause whuch needs to be corrected after examination by a doctor.
Meningitis. Could be meningitis. See a doctor soon! Www. Drlugo. Com.

I sometimes get short head pains during the day, probably due to tmj. But I always get the pains when I lie down, they stop when I sit up. How come?

Possibilities? If you suspect TMJ dysfunction, I would first recommend a full exam by a dentist with experience in treating tmd/tmj. He can tell you if your TMJ is part of the problem including the cause of the head pains. Another possibility from your symptoms could be a sinus issue. When a pain in your head occurs and goes away due to head position, that can involve the sinuses. Good luck.
Positionsal pain. With TMJ can be due to inflamed capsule or retro discal tissues in the TMJ. Pressure of jaw falling back or being pushed by hand or bed pressures may impinge those inflamed tissues.
May not be TMJ. May not be TMJ. Perhaps your clenching or grinding when you lay down. See a TMJ expert.