Can an ocular melanoma tumor be surgically removed without radiation therapy or removing my eye?

Ask your specialist. That is a very specific question which can't be answered without a lot of information which we can't share in a forum like this. Seek out an institution and physician team with experience in ocular melanoma. Best wishes!
It all depends. Your question can have many different answers depending on the details of your particular case. I would recommend speaking directly with the doctors involved with your case. Here are websites that can provide you with more info. Http://www. Ocularmelanoma. Org/ http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/melanoma/ocular. Html.

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My gran had her eye removed due to ocular melanoma 3 years ago. Now metastatic liver cancer, no treatment. No other info given. Life expectancy?

Ask her to ask dr. Liver metastases from any cancer is not a good sign. However depending on many other factors will determine what her life expectancy is, especially knowing what her constitutional health is, her vitality. So, the best answer would be for her to ask her doctor, or see if she'll give you permission to do so (that must be documented in her chart.) also, make sure that her diet is good, and keep her spirit strong.
Unpredictable. Metastatic melanoma from the eye to the liver can be famously slow-growing and she may have many more good years.

25 y/o blonde male w/ blue eyes. Been indoor tanning 20x, 5x w/o eyewear. How much have I increased risk for ocular melanoma? Eye exams normal so far.

Tanning bed risks... Tanning beds can raise the risk of skin cancers and ocular cancers if eye protection is not worn. Albeit, the risk is still likely small. I would recommend wearing adequate eye protection to block UVA and B rays.

25y/o m blonde/blue eyes; went tanning a few times w/o goggles. Maybe 60min of exposure to be conservative. How much raised risk for ocular melanoma?

Minimal. Ocular melanoma is rare and seems to be a spontaneous event. Sunlight does not play a role in its formation due to the protection from the cornea and lens. You have no doubt increased your likelihood of skin melanoma a little bit. Don't worry about the eyes.