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What happens if I take serostim (human growth hormone) as a bodybuiling supplement, what side effects can I expect?

Serostim (human growth hormone) There are many much better and safer ways to help with body building. In my mind, if you want to improve your athletic ability you should have a visit or two to a local training program.

What human growth hormone is the best to take for least side effects?

Insurance dependent. Most of our patients are limited by the contracts their insurance companies have with different gh drug companies. Fortunately, they're all about the same. Main differences may be in the injectable device. The endocrine nurse or doctor helping you choose will be very helpful in terms of explaining subtle differences between your available choices.

Hgh (human growth hormone) should I take it and what are its side effects/ benefits?

Let me try to help. You take HGH base an advice from your doctor, I do not recommend other wise. Good Luck.
HGH. You should not take HGH unless your doctor has documented that you have a low HGH. What makes you think you have a low HGH? Do not take HGH just because you think it might help you. Think of the well-known athletes who have surreptitiously taken HGH and other hormones. Not a good idea.

What are the side effects of serostim (human growth hormone)?

Serostim (human growth hormone) Is a synthetic growth hormone for aids wasting. Can cause muscle aches, joint pains, swelling of hands/feet.

Can h.G.H (human growth hormone) have any side effects?

Many side effects. The reason hgh is regulated and only used for gh deficiency is because there is a temptation to give it for cosmetic reasons, and it can be dangerous. Google "acromegaly" to see effects of gh excess. Also, you don't always want "growth". Colon polyps, possibly other tumors, and the build up of coronary placque are among the growth effects you don't want. Whatever you're in to, you don't need it!
Why. Why would you want to take growth hormone, which is by injection, expensive, and if you took it it wouldn't help you in any way. Plus, you'd be getting it on the black market, and who knows what toxic substances would be in it? Stay away from scams. Even real growth hormone has many potential adverse side effects if not used for appropriate replacement.

Does saizen (human growth hormone) growth hormone cause side effects?

Monitoring necessary. When properly dosed (following the igf-1 blood test at regular intervals), growth hormone replacement should not have unpleasant side effects. However, if the dose is too high, side effects of growth hormone excess, such as joint pains and edema (swelling) can occur.