I have pitted edema from my knee to my ankle on my right leg only. I have leg cramps also dull chest pain and pain between shoulder blades. Causes?

See your doctor. There are many different causes of these symptoms, the most worrisome include a problem with your heart or a blood clot. More history is needed to make an educated diagnosis, but I highly recommend you see your doctor or go to the emergency room right away to rule out the possibility of your heart or a blood clot causing these symptoms.

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Had toradol injection in buttocks for chest pain. Does this cause leg cramps? My left leg has been burning and cramping since. Could it cause DVT?

If you suspect DVT. Then you must rule out DVT. Wat if the injection doesn't cause DVT and its coincidental and you happen to have one? If you suspect it, check for it. DvT can kill. Read more...