Is rosiglitazone a safe drug for diabetes if heart disease?

No. Whether you believe the data or not, I do not recommend using rosiglitazone in patients with heart disease. There are many other alternatives for this drug. The best one depends on the individual patient's characteristics and degree of control.

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People over 70 y.who have problem with heart disease, diabetes pills is safe to use?

Yes supervised. Depends on medicine. Metformin is usually the first drug. Work with your doctor and medical team. You will have to do blood and urine tests every 3 months to monitor the effect of the medication. Remember lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise are important. Go to the American Diabetes Association ADA to learn more about diabetes.

How does sublexation of the spine relate to diabetes, heart disease, or obesity?

Minimally. Subluxation of the spine.... Might limit exercise and therefore contribute to obesity which leads to diabetes and development of early heart disease. Other than that there is no relation whatsoever.

What is the connection between diabetes and heart disease?

Increased risk. Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease by accelerating the damage of the vessels in our body, especially the heart. It increases the hardening of our heart vessels and shrinks these vessels making it harder for the heart to get the necessary oxygen supply it needs. At least 65% of people with diabetes will die from some type of heart disease or stroke.

Help please! Is aids just like getting diabetes or heart disease these days?

In a manner. If you are talking about managing hiv, then yes, in a manner of speaking; we have good medications that will suppress the virus and essentially stall the progress of the disease, and patients can live full productive lives.

Is ideal BMI range dependent on person's race for diabetes/heart disease risk reduction? Why?

No. The BMI is simply your weight with respect to your height - an overly simplistic and thereby essentially flawed assessment of your health. It's a bit better when used in combination with body fat measurement. That being said, a high BMI might be associated with diabetes and heart disease amongst other health conditions.

What are the chances that a 69 year old man with diabetes and heart disease and on meds, getting a woman pregnant?

Decent chance. If he doesn't have issues with performance (ie erectile dysfunction) due to his illness, he can still get you pregnant. As men age, their sperm count may decline, but it only takes one of the little guys to be at the right place at the right time to get you pregnant.