Age -spots treatment ; is renova (tretinoin) cream best?

Age Spot Treatment. Renova, (tretinoin) in my opinion, has no place in treating any skin condition. Retin-a replenishes collagen & reduces wrinkles. To treat spots requires hydroquinone. This can be used alone, but is best combined with retin-a, an Alpha hydroxy to remove abnormal cells, a pH restorer and a sun block. The obagi nu-derm system is the best way to do this. See a plastic surgeon specializing in skin rejuvenation.
Retin-A. Retin-a users reported improvements in skin texture, including diminished wrinkles and brown spots. Early studies soon confirmed its anti-aging effects. In 1988, dr. Voorhees and his colleagues at michigan published the first double-blind study of retin-a’s effect on photodamaged skin and found that all 30 patients who completed the 16-week study showed statistically significant improvement.
Usually helpful. Renova (tretinoin) is a cream that helps rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the skin to replenish collagen and elastic fibers. This may lighten some age spots. However, often a fading cream such as eldoquin may be more effective. More severe age spots might be better treated with a laser or chemical peel.