I have a swollen, red, itchy raised area between my knuckle and lower joint of index finger. It is warm and swelling is same after 1 day. What is it?

Sounds like . Your finger may be getting infected. But it could also just be a reaction to some bug bites or contact dermatitis. You may try taking Motrin and anti- histamine to see if this improves your finger. You can also apply neosporin antibiotic ointment if you are developing localized infection. Otherwise ,you need to see your doctor about it especially if with fever , in pain, feeling numb or worst.
Itchy rash. This rash could be caused by a contact allergy-- given that it's on your hand you may have touched something to cause it. Poison ivy comes to mind, but other allergens like latex, chemicals or even nickel could cause it. Try an ice pack-10 min on/10 min off for relief. If worsens you may need a doctor.

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