Have a protruding jaw?

See a surgeon. A "portruding jaw" can be treated with orthognathic jaw surgery. No longer does jaw surgery require having your teeth wired shut, so see your local oral and maxillofacial surgeon to see what options are availabe to you.
Complaints?? Is the protruding jaw causing you any discomfort or you just don't like the way it looks. You can always get an opinion of an oral surgeon and be sure to get a list of risks alongwith the benefits.
Orth-oral surgery. Usually this type of jaw problem requires orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery). Start with an oral surgery evaluation. Your age my preclude this type of surgery.

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Protruding jaw but nice bite?

Chin reduction. If your bite is correct, but the chin and jaw appear to be protruding surgical intervention can still be a good option. Under the care of a skilled surgeon, some of your chin can be reduced in size to give the appearance of a less protruding jaw.
Jaw. It could be that by mistake or intentionally, the teeth were positioned to camouflage the deficiency in the mid face. Therefore, either the upper jaw didn't grow as much and giving a lower jaw pseudo protrusion look or lower jaw is truly longer. Another possibility is macrogenio, which makes thing more simple and simple sliding genioplasty can resolve it.
Chin surgery. If the teeth fit properly, the chin is probably the "problem". Chin reduction surgery can often solve this area. See an oral surgeon who can examine you and discuss options.

What can I do about a protruding jaw?

Jaw surgery. Typically a protruding lower jaw (prognathism) is handled with a combined orthodontic and maxillofacial surgical treatment plan. Exactly what procedure is performed depends on the relationship of your jaws to eachother as well to the cranial base. Special x-rays and more current ct scans are taken to evaluate this. It may require lower, upper, or upper&lower jaw surgery. You should have a consult.
Orthognathic Surgery. At 31 years old, if orthodontic treatment alone will not be sufficient, jaw surgery is the answer! Either one or both of the jaws (upper/lower) are sectioned to separate them from their bone base, and moved to a better predetermined position. They are secured by tiny pins and plates to heal in their new position. Amazing results!
Surgery. If just the chin is involved, chin reduction surgery will correct. If the teeth protrude also, a combination of orthodontic and orthognathic surgery will be necessary. Oral and maxillofacial surgery evaluation is indicated.

What is the definition or description of: Protruding jaw?

Prognathism. Prognathism. Where the lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw. Often needs corrective surgery. See an oral surgeon for assessment.
Prognathism. Protruding lower jaw means that the lower jaw is longer than normal or the upper jaw is shorter than normal. This is usually accommodated by the lower teeth being more forward then the upper teeth or the lower teeth are tipped backwards to meet the upper teeth. Your dentist can evaluate the condition of your jaws and make appropriate referral to specialists to correct the problem if indicated.

What are the risks of correcting a protruding jaw?

Few. If the correction requires orthodontics and jaw surgery, there are very rare surgical risks that can arise. If you are motivated to address this, working with an orthodontist and a maxillo-facial surgeon will give you a great amount of information so you can weigh the risk:benefit ratio of going forward. Best of luck!
Large jaw. Malocclusion, nerve damage, relapse. The risks are infrequent if surgery is done by an experienced surgeon.
Very safe. Very safe procedure when manages by board certified oral surgeon and othodontist. Risks include nerve damage, non-union, relapse, delayed healing. Unsatisfactory cosmetic result. Discuss with your surgeon.

Can I get incognito braces fix a protruding jaw?

Yes. In the hands of an experienced orthodontist, incognito can treat the same range of orthodontic problems that could be treated with regular braces.
Perhaps. Incognito is simply one of several brands of "lingual" or invisible braces. The treatment (including the type of braces) of your specific orthodontic problem will best be determined by consulting with your orthodontic specialist. Incognito may or may not be ideal for your case.
Surgery. If, according to orthodontic assessment, the jaw and not the teeth are protruding, then surgical correction will be required for optimum correction. The result is sometimes compromised here. Make sure you see a BOARD CERTIFIED orthodontist who treats both surgical and non-surgical cases. Get an oral surgery opinion also.
OrthorgnathicSurgery. Although, this surgery is to improve your bite, protrusion and function, some patients also experience enhancements to their appearance and speech and airway improvement.

I had an operation to correct a protruding jaw, now my teeth are causing me huge problems. Help?

Need consult. If not done properly such surgery can cause dental problems. You need to consult with an oral or maxillofacial surgeon do determine what has happened and how to fix this.
Talk to your dentist. Not enough details to say, but if you had corrective jaw surgery, I suspect that you have an orthodontist, an oral surgeon, and a general dentist as a team by your side. Your treatment may still be in progress, but be sure that you talk to one/all and let them know your concerns.
Get opinion. Depending upon what the "problems" are, they may or may not be at all related to the fact that you had jaw surgery. It is important that you return to your dentist and oral surgeon to investigate the cause and possible solutions of your "problems.".
Check w team. In addition to oral surgeon the team treating you should have included an orthodontist, a restorative dentist, and if necessary a periodontist. Just fixing jaws doesn't solve all problems. You need a team approach, coordinated by your restorative dentist. Consult wit him asap.

Four years ago I had an operation to correct a protruding jaw, now my teeth are causing me huge problems. Help?

Seek consult. If not done properly, such surgery can cause dental problems. You need to see an oral or maxillofacial surgeon to determine what has happened and how to fix this problem.
What kind of problem. You don't provide sufficient information, however, go see the oral surgeon who did the surgery or someone for a 2nd opinion. Where are you located so we can give a referral.