To restore BP in hypotensive crisis should they give you prostigmin (neostigmine)?

Possibly. This may be necessary. To goal is to address the cause of the low blood pressure. For example, if due to acute bleeding, replacement of blood volume is appropriate. If due to vasodilation, vasoconstrictors are helpful. In severe crisis, combinations of treatments are needed.

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How can you restore blood pressure in hypotensive crisis? Prostigmin (neostigmine)?

HyPOtensive crisis? I've never heard of hyPOtensive crisis. HyPERtensive crisis, yes. When someone's blood pressure is dangerously low, that's called "shock." There's hemorrhagic shock & septic shock & shock from low cardiac output due to MI or CHF, etc. Drugs commonly known as pressors such as dopamine, dobutamine, and levarterenol are used to keep BP up. I'll defer to my intensivist colleagues for better answers. Read more...

During a hypotensive crisis how is neostigmine used?

Hypotension. neostigmine isn't used in hypotensive crisis, read this: Read more...