Propantheline bromide not working so what should I do?

Hyperhidrosis. Other systemic medications, such as sedatives and tranquilizers, indomethacin, and calcium channel blockers, may be beneficial in the treatment of excessive sweating of the hands and feet. Drysol (20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate in absolute anhydrous ethyl alcohol) is more commonly used as the first-line topical agent. Other treatment options include iontophoresis and Botox injextions.

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Propantheline bromide tablets stopped working, what to do?

What's UR indication. Propantheline bromide is an antimuscarinic agent used for the treatment of excessive sweating, cramps or spasms of the stomach, intestines, or bladder, and involuntary urination. It can also be used to control the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome as well as other functional conditions. What's your indication for its use so we can better advise you. Read more...

Is propantheline bromide for excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis. Yes, propantheline bromide is one of anticholinergic agents given orally for excessive sweating. The use of anticholinergics may be unappealing because their adverse effect profile. Read more...