Hashimoto's. Any pregnancy risks?

Yes. The mother needs both a free-t3 and TSH drawn early in pregnancy, followed up monthly measurements during the pregnacy. Most women have a significant increase in total T4 and t3, (liothyronine) due the hyperestrogenemia, which occurs with a secondary increase in thyroid binding globulin. Free thyroid levels will fall if a women is on thyroid, and may fall if reserve has been decreased by hashimoto's.

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Risks of hashimoto's disease & pregnancy?

Check levels. If the thyroid is under active, your dosage requirement for thyroid hormone replacement may change during pregnancy. It is important that your thyroid hormone level be monitored during pregnancy to be sure that the dose you are taking is adequate.

I have hashimoto disease and have a pregnancy at risk. How to make it better?

Test. You need to make sure that your thyroid function test are within normal limits.

How is hashimoto's disease treated in pregnancy?

Thyroid pill. It's treated just like in someone without pregnancy, except at a higher dose. The treatment of choice is a pill: levothyroxine or the brand name products.

How are thyroglobin and tpo antibody tests related to hashimoto's disease and pregnancy?

Complex. Pregnancy will raise thyroglobulin values, necessitating an increase in total thyroid production. If hashimoto's is present, thyroid function must be assessed by free T3 (liothyronine) values and TSH during pregnancy to avoid low thyroid. Many women will develop a goiter during pregnancy, but this is physiologic. But it is imperative to constantly moniter thyroid function of the mother, or the fetus can be hurt.

Is it possible to have Hashimoto's, start out hyperthyroid during pregnancy and slowly become hypothyroid and not gain a considerable amount of weight?

YES. Early Hashimotos THYROIDITIS can result in elevated thyroid hormone levels and later on as the organ gets replaced by inflammatory tissue the thyroid function can fall! SYMPTOMS however do NOT necessarily reflect the laboratory findings. A CLINICAL evaluation by a Board Certified Endocrinologist is advised! Hope this helps! Dr Z.

I have hashimoto's and I just underwent a round of ivf. My doctor now has me on prednisone, will this help keep the pregnancy.?

Yes. Hashimoto's thyroiditis must be under control for you to have good outcome. Follow your rei doctor's advice - sounds like you are in good hands. Take Folic Acid 1-5 mg daily, rest, maintain a positive attitude and have faith in god that things will go well. Best of luck!

Should my thyroid (tsh) levels be under "3" before trying pregnancy (ie to insure a healthier pregnancy)? I have hashimoto hypothyroidism.

Ok to get pregnant. Although a TSH level between 1 and 2 would be ideal, there is no reason why you can't try to become pregnant with the present level. Once you are pregnant you will likely need a higher dose of thyroid hormone to keep the TSH in the ideal range, so you should be tested as soon as you know you are pregnant.
Depends. A TSH level of 3 determined 24 hours after the last and immediately before taking the next pill indicates that the thyroid hormone administered is sufficient - if if was taken within hours of taking a dose of thyroid hormone, the amount of thyroid hormone administered may be too low by the time you will be taking your next dose.