How much potassium citrate?

100 to 150 meq q day. When treating diseases such as renal tubular acidosis or kidney stones, the daily dosages are 100 to 150 meq total per day. Dosages should be taken with food.

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Where can I buy potassium citrate online?

Why. If you are treating a specific disease potassium citrate can be obtained by rx. I know there are multiple websites but I do not know one that should be used. I am curious why why do you want to buy it?

What dose of urocit k (potassium citrate)?

Depends. Urocit-k is useful in the treatment of recurrent kidney stones and its dose will vary depending on the clinical situation. The typical starting dose is 30meq per day, which is divided into two (15meq) or three (10meq) doses. The max dose is 100meq/day. The dose will depend on renal function, response measured through urine collection studies, and patient compliance. Please check with your doctor.

What does urocit k (potassium citrate) do?

Inhibits crystals. Urocit k (potassium citrate) alters urine acid levels and provides citrate which binds to calcium so it can't complex with oxalate to form the most common form of kidney stone.

Where can I buy potassium citrate online, that will ship?

What for. The recipe for gunpowder uses potassium nitrate, if you need it for chemistry, buy it from a chemistry asupply house.

Do I need to go to the hospital if too much potassium citrate?

YES. Too much potassium citrate can cause cardiac arrythmias or abnormal heart beats that can cause severe problems. Blleding from the GI tract can aslo occur.

Can you explain the difference between potassium citrate and potassium carbonate?

Different salts. Both are salts of potassium. One contains carbonate the other citrate. Potassium is the primary ingredient in both n.
Difference. Potassium citrate (kc) can cause the person taking it to develop a metabolic alkalosis. It also increases the urinary excretion of oxalate. Kc works better in patients with crohn's disease. Potassium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) (kb) can be used to treat a metabolic acidosis, without causing an alkalosis and reduces urinary oxalate excretion. Please see your doctor to decide which one is best for you.

Is rash linked to potassium citrate?

Rare. There is a always a potential for severe life threatening reaction that can cause severe skin rash that would include hives and other skin manifestations.