I've been having this cough, head ache, sore throat, and really tired lately. Medication doesn't help, any ideas?

Rest. Honestly, rest and allowing your body to heal is the best thing with cold-like symptoms. If it lasts longer than 10 days you will need to see a doctor for exam. I always use raw honey for cough, saline irrigation for sinuses, Ibuprofen for aches and pain.

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20 year old female, very tired (may be due to endep) sore throat, headache, weird cloudy feeling in head. Anxiety it's meningitis making me feel worse?

Probably not. Meningitis usually causes fever, extremely severe headache (the kind that gets you to the emergency room), and vomiting. Your description doesn't sound like meningitis. Sounds more like a typical virus, compounded by anxiety. If not not improving after 3-5 days, or if worried, see a doctor for an exam. Read more...