I want a pointy chin like jennifer a?

Get a consultation. With a qualified facial plastic surgeon in your area. One of the most important concerns with facial implants is keeping the face balanced in appearance. A feature which works well for one face does not necessarily work well on another. Fillers can be used for subtle augmentation, but implants or chin advancement work well for larger and/or permanent changes.
Chin. You have many options. Injections are done with some success. But they require frequent visits. Implants are very popular. Sliding genioplasty can augment the chin in any direction. It is the most natural looking way to do this.
Options for the chin. Chin enhancement has become increasingly popular. A recent popular nonsurgical option includes the use of injectable fillers which can be done in the office, carries little to no down time, and the results are immediate. The surgical option involves the insertion of an implant over the chin bone to provide the appropriate contour. These implants vary in shape to match the best contour.