Does pletal (cilostazol) improve erections?

Possibly. Overall effect of Pletal (cilostazol) is supposed to increase blood flow and thus could inprove erections.
Not indicated. There is no fda indication for the use of Pletal (cilostazol) to improve erections. It has no effect on the nitrous oxide - cgmp pathway (affected by viagra), the main pathway for erections (leads to smooth muscle relaxation and inc blood). Even though Pletal (cilostazol) thins blood, you still need to get it into penis. Viagra/cialis/levitra are pde-5 inhibitors allowing for smooth m relaxation. Pletal (cilostazol) pde-3 inhibitor.

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Does pletal (cilostazol) improve erection problems? Please, need some answers?

Here are some ... While Pletal(Cilostazol) has been used for patients with significant intermittent claudication from severe peripheral arterial disease, its application to potentially improve penile circulation is logical to think about it, but has not been studied. I hope some studies on its possible use for ED may be explored and done. Clinically, such a clinical extension may not be realistically beneficial, .. Read more...