Wisdom teeth out. I have this periogard (chlorhexidine gluconate) don't know how to use it.?

Follow directions. Follow the directions of your dentist or surgeon who prescribed it for you. Some surgeons have their patients begin using the rinse in the am and pm beginning several days before surgery and then resuming after surgery. The rinse can help decrease the risk of infection, dry sockets, and may help with wound healing.
Call your dentist. Periogard (chlorhexidine gluconate) is an oral antibacterial rinse. Its pharmacological name is Chlorhexidine and it is used to reduce bacterial levels in the mouth. Your dentist prescribed it to aid in healing and to prevent possible postoperative infection. Call him or her to see how often he wants you to use it. If you cannot reach him, rinse gently for 5-7 days using 1/2 ounce two to three times a day.
Periogard (chlorhexidine gluconate) Pour the periogard (chlorhexidine gluconate) to the cup up to the measured line and rinse the gums or swish it around your mouth twice a day, or more often as directed by your dentist.