What would happen if I took roxanol (morphine) during pregnancy?

Roxanol (morphine) Roxanol (morphine) is Morphine Sulfate and should be reserved for the treatment of severe, acute pain. (broken bones, burns, etc) Its a Category C drug which means harm to the fetus can't be ruled out. If taken after the first trimester but not in the last 2 weeks, the baby is probably fine. If taken real late in pregnancy the baby can go through physical withdrawal problems.

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Is oxycodone 15mg or morphine sulfate ir 15mg safe during pregnancy if taken as directed by the doctor?

That Depends... I have to presume that your prescribing OB thinks it is "safe" and that you are requesting another (2nd) opinion to validate his/her advice. A great idea! in such situations. First, however, i'd advise you to revisit the question with your original ob, getting clarity and reassurance before then moving on to someone new. Read more...