Anything as good as patanol (olopatadine) eye drops for allergy?

Ocular allergies. Otc zaditor (ketotifen) (or generic equivalent) is often helpful in covering the allergy symptoms. In severe cases a short course of steroids under supervision of a physician can be helpful. The other option is to desensitize to the allergen. Skin testing to determine the allergen and then use weekly scit or daily slit therapy http://www.Enttoday.Org/details/article/498209/slit_vs_scit_a_qa.Html.
Yes. There are over the counter allergy drops and prescription ones as well! all work well to reduce or eliminate the four cardinal signs of ocular allergy - itching, redness, tearing and swelling. Most do not work quickly but all cause the eye to respond less to allergens. There are also mild steroid drops for those with severe allergies. These can be used together for added speed and effect.