How to help heal a painful sunburn?

Sunburn. The thick, gel-like juice of the aloe vera plant can take the sting and redness out of a sunburn. Aloe vera causes blood vessels to constrict. Luckily, this healing plant is available at your local nursery or even in the grocery store's floral department. Simply slit open one of the broad leaves and apply the gel directly to the burn. Apply five to six times per day for several days.
Superfast healing. Sunburn is response of the tissues to injury from solar radiation. It is simply inflammation which means increase blood flow to the area to promote healing. Do not use ice as this can injure already injured skin. Cool water soaks can help as can taking anti-inflammation medicines like Motrin or advil (ibuprofen). Avoid any further damage as this can cause scarring . Good skin cream applied daily/gently helps.
Aloe Vera. I agree with dr. Fisher's excellent advice. Hydrate well with fluids. Cool compresses changed often. Tyelenol or non-steroidal antiflammatories for the pain as well. Aloe vera rules supreme.