How much money do obstetrician/gynecologists make?

Less than you think. This is the financially most oppressed group in medicine due to the high risk malpractice situation. Lawyers know for certain that all babies would be born normal were it not for the mistake of the OB - there are no accidents of nature. So a defective child gets life support for its problems -$$millions$$. The highest of all medical settlements to the OB malpractice insurance is sky high.

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How much money do obstetricians/gynecologists make on average?

See answer! The lifestyle of the ob/gyn has improved dramatically over the last 20 years. There are now work hour restrictions in place for residents in training, and the expectations in practice have changed as well. It is still a great career helping women through difficult and joyous experiences. The average sallary of a full-time ob/gyn is somewhere around 200-225k. There is significant variation. Read more...