Itchy skin all over body, worse at night, rash isn't that noticeable but itches like crazy & sometimes burns. What could it be?

Many possibilities. When the body itches all over, it implies that the itching/rash may be a reaction from an ingestion such as a medication or food, or an allergy to the environment, ie hayfever. Another possibility could be a skin infestation such as scabies. Reactions to things like fabrics or laundry detergent will usually spare certain parts of the body such as the head/scalp, hands and feet.

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I have itchy skin every where no dry skin and when it itches it starts to burn and get red but no bumps or rash what is this?

Well. It gets red and itches then goes away, no rash or bumps. It could be a rash or what is called idiopathic urticaria, release of inflammation due to stress. Oddlly enough sometimes an h-2 bkocker like tagamet for the the stomach can help. It may be allergic reaction or something else and i would not avoid seeing a doctor. I would trey Benadryl (diphenhydramine) at night and tagamet is pretty cheap. Look up idiop. Read more...