What is natural killer cells?

Type of blood cell. Natural killer cells are one type of white blood cells that can destroy cancer cells and virally infected cells without the need for prior exposure to the relevant antigens.

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What r natural killer cells?

Cells that kill. These are cells of the immune system that kill other cells that represent a danger to the body, like virally infected cellls and cancer cells. They have a natural ability to recognize stressed cells and can kill these without need of antibody or major histocompatability complex alteration to prime them, hence their name. Thus, they can present a much faster response than other immune cells.

What are natural killer cells?

Immune cells. Natural killer cells are immune effector cells that are efficient in killing virus infected cells. They can be divided into 2 sets: CD56bright (produce antiviral agents and help a subset of T cells) and CD56dim (fully mature, can destroy antibody targeted cells). There is a 3rd, dysfunctional subset that has been described in HIV.

What are uterine natural killer cells?

NK cells in uterus. These are nk cells of the cd56 subset that have lower cytotoxic (cell killing) ability than the peripheral or regular cd56 positive nk cells. They have a different receptor profile and make up 70 % of the lymphocytes in the uterus in early pregnancy. It is important that the mother's immune system is suppressed for successful pregnancy, and so it is believed that these cells are crucial to this.

What organelles are in natural killer cells (lymphocytes)? I need to make a model of the cell for a project for college please.

My suggestion -- The nucleus, mitochondria, scanty endoplasmic reticulin, and various subspecialized lysosomes are not nearly so interesting as the molecules that adorn the various biomembranes within and on the surface of the cells. A 21st century teacher would invite you to create a model of, say, perforin.

What would happen if no natural killer cells in our body?

More Infections. Natural killer cells are vital in protecting our bodies from many natural infectious diseases including cancer as well.

Anyone know about natural killer cells?

Anti-tumor cells. These cells can kill tumor and virally infected cells without the need for prior exposure to relevant antigens. Such cells are present in the blood of all normal individuals. Mechnisms to boost the actitity of nk cellls is the subject of research in cancer treatment.

What is the definition or description of: natural killer cells?

See answer details. Natural killer (nk) lymphocytes have the ability to kill various abnormal cells such as those damaged by trauma, aging, viruses and possibly cancer cells. Nk cells do not need to be stimulated ("primed") by previous recognition of the cell, antibodies or lymphokines; they are stimulated by interferon.

What would happen if we had no natural killer cells in our bodies?

Vulnerable. We would likely be very vulnerable to viral infections and certain types of cancers, especially melanoma.

Do you belive the hype about high natural killer cells and misscarage?

Natural killer cells and misscarage. Steroids, which are thought to work by reducing the percentage of NK cells in the womb, are commonly used as a treatment for recurrent miscarriage and do appear to help some women to go on to have a normal pregnancy. But many experts agree this is based more on empirical evidence that a firm scientific understanding.