No pain in kidneys no UTI feel healthy but been told tiny trace of blood in urine found in lab?

Asked and Answered. Blood is not normal. You have already been given accurate and gracious and free information here on Health Tap. You need to find the cause of the blood.
Would not worry. The lab will do a culture most likely. Repeat the urinalysis in a few days to a week if this is still a concern. If you are on your period or just finished one, could explain the result.

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I have trace blood in urine. Bladder and kidneys ok after cystoscopy and ultrasound. No UTI. What other tests can be done as I'm not still worried!

Okay... Glad you have been thoroughly checked & confirmed to be okay but trace blood in urine, which is common and usually carries no clinical significance. So, stop worrying and keep on caring for your multiple issues as noted with diligence & vigilance but taking healthy lifestyle without overindulgence as core foundation for all healthcare beyond medication and procedure. Read more...

Pain in pubic bone & penis mainly pubic bone. No discharge or blood in urine. I got labs done for a UTI but came back negative. What can this be?

Osteitis pubis. It might be inflamation of the tissue surrounding the pubic bone/symphysis. It is common in active athletes. If you have burning in urine or other voiding symptoms consider urethritis ( either sti or atypical organism ). Read more...