Confused about late ovulation & conception timing?

Timing. The best time to try is around the time of ovulation, or best shortly before. For most this is around mid-cycle, women with irregular cycles are harder to pinpoint. Counting cycle days, following temperatures, home OPK are often helpful. Do you think you have a clear idea around when you ovulate? Is that based on opk, counting days, or another method?

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Confused about late ovulation & late menstruation?

Two separate issues. Late ovulation leads to late menstruation. If you are pregnant then menstruation may never come or if you have a biochemical pregnancy then you may have a late menstruation as a result of the biochemical pregnancy. Not clear what your question is exactly.

Lmp was 4-27. I was given 2 due dates...2/17 on june 23 & 2/5 given on 8/12. What is my likely conception date range? Late ovulation?

By dates 5/2. I am not sure what the 1st due date was based on because by your dates (LMP) you would be due on 2/5 or 2/6. If the 1st due date was based on an ultrasound it is very reliable that early. Conception probably occured between 5/6 and 5/17.

Got negative pregnant test 3 weeks after lmp, a week later tested positive. Would this be accurate or late ovulation? Time of conception unknown.

See below. Sometimes urine pregnancy test can be falsely negative especially if your urine is very dilute. If in doubt, a blood test will confirm it.
You are pregnant. A test will turn positive about 2 weeks after ovulation / conception. This is exactly what occurred. Conception timing will be confirmed after first ultrasound and after confirmation of gestational age.
Pregnancy tests. A pregnancy test may be positive before the first missed period, but not always. It may be the test's sensitivity or a delay in ovulation.
Accurate. It seems to be the correct time for pregnancy test to be positive, but if you want to be 100% certain repeat the test.

Is it normal that during 5w2d pregnancy gestational sac is only 4.9x4.9mm? We know exact conception date, so shouldn't be late ovulation.

Follow up visit. At 5 weeks it is normal to only see a gestational sac as it is too early to see a fetus. Likely your doctor scheduled you for a follow up sono in 1-2 weeks. If not contact them and ask when you should be seen.