Acne, dry skin, large face bump?

Deep acne, dry skin. This is likely deep seated inflammation (cystic acne) that can be painful. Continue with gentle cleansing and your treatment care regimen. You may need to see a dermatologist for injection of an anti-inflammatory to calm swelling and pain.

Related Questions

I have a small patch of bumpy skin on my face. The bumps are not red, nor do they itch or hurt. Is this just dry skin? Or maybe acne?

Facial lesions. Bumps on the face could be multiple things. Acne will turn red eventually. Eczema (associated with dry skin) can result in bumps that may or may not itch. A fungal infection would gradually spread and may not itch. If the bumps have a small central pit it could be a benign infection called Molluscum that resolves over time. Using steroids like hydrocortisone will worsen a fungal infection.

Acne, large face bump. What do I do for prom?

Acne. There are a lot of good otc products out there that can be used for "date acne", or in your case, "prom acne". The key ingredient is salicylic acid. Otc products generally have between 1 or 2% sal acid. This is probably best used for pimples.

7 week infant has baby acne and dry skin on face. What can I do to help? How long does thr acnd usually last?

Patience. Baby acne is a common and temporary problem. It usually appears by age 2 weeks and disappears by 3 months. Keeping the skin clean is the major plan. If it persists after 3 months and or intensifies, some normal ace treatments can be beneficial, but the doc should look into unusual hormonal issues as a cause at that point.

These random scars appeared on the right side ofmy face today. I've never had acne or anything. Just dry skin. What are possible causes?

It's a mystery. Scars can only happen after trauma, injury, or infection. If none of these happened, I don't know how you get it. Dry skin would not cause "scar".

I have very dry skin. I am also acne prone. I have tried putting on foundation but when I do it shows all the flakes all over the face. What can I do?

Flaking skin. Dry skin may flake, but so will some skin diseases, such as psoriasis or eczema or seborrhea. You can try using hydrocortisone cream 1%, and see whether the flaking improves. Ask your brothers or sisters or cousins, whether they have had flaking skni or psoriasis.

What is a good face wash to use for acne and dry skin?

Acne treatment no Rx. Acne can be prevented or minimized by using a gentle cleanser twice daily, over the counter benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products followed by a noncomedogenic hyopallergenic and fragrance free moisturizer.