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I Frequently catch colds, will taking influenza vaccine be beneficial? If so, When and how frequently I should take the vaccine to prevent colds?

May increase colds! Influenza vaccine is purely to prevent influenza. It not only does nothing to reduce risk of colds but a recent well-conducted placebo-controlled study showed those who got flu vaccine had 4.4 times more non-influenza respiratory infections in the following 9 months! While those who got flu vaccine had slightly lower incidence of flu the diff. Was not significant! See http://tinyurl. Com/gqhfl95.
Unrelated. The flu vaccine can reduce your chance of dying from rare complications of flu, but it does nothing for colds. There is a immune treatment we give small babies that reduces chances of RSV, a major cause of colds, but the dose must be given monthly & cost exceeds $1000/dose for the average baby, we never give it to adults. Follow a healthy lifestyle including hand washing and you may do better.