What to do when I've been having mild to severe lwr R abdominal + flank pain for weeks, nausea, vomiting, no fever, decreased appetite, trouble walking?

See a doctor. Have you seen a physician yet? Maybe so since I see you're on oxycodone and naproxen. What has the workup thusfar revealed? I'm imagining you've had either an Ultrasound of the abdomen or pelvis, blood and urine tests? Anything positive? Any trauma? Pregnancy status checked?
See a doctor. Sounds like you have waited a long time. See a doctor, get an exam and appropriate testing. Many things can cause pain and I cannot tell here without detailed medical information.

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Lwr R abodminal pain near hip bone. No fever. Nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite. Sometimes have flank pain. Worsen while moving and walking. Help?

Symptoms. have you already had your appendix removed?Is it recent? Is the pain intermittent and sometimes sharp? When you press the area and remove your had quickly is the pain worse? if you do the same on the opposite side as well? If you answered yes to all except the 1st question then you may have appendicitis. Visit your nearest Emergency room. they may check your ovaries as well to check for cysts. Read more...

Horrid flank pain, can't bend or almost walk, brown spotting, no fever, nausea, vomiting, chills, fatigue, itchiness, decreased appetite. What is this? Help?

Flank Pain. Intense flank pain in a young woman with spotting in absence of urinary or other symptoms suggests a GYN cause such as ovarian torsion. For pain this severe and unremitting you should go to the ED for ultrasound evaluation and other testing. Read more...

I suddenly got chills, and everything around me felt cold. Lwr r abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting. Decreased appetite, weakness, trouble walking. Help?

Right lower abd pain. Abdominal pain of the right lower abdomen in a 17 year old woman like you can have different causes, all of which should be evaluated in a doctor's office. With loss of appetite and fever, appendicitis is a strong possibility. Other possibilities include an infection in the tubes and ovary, a ruptured cyst or twist of the ovary. Please be seen today by your doctor or in an er. Read more...