Has anyone seen anger and hostility while on buspar (buspirone)?

Restlessness. The only paradoxic reaction I have noted with Buspar (buspirone) is increased restlessness and anxiety. I have not seen agitation or aggression. However, there are very rare reports of Buspar (buspirone) activating mania. A person in a manic state could become aggressive.
Buspar/anger. not uncommon. Needs further re-evaluation by your prescribing doctor.
No but possible. Although none of my patients on Buspar (buspirone) developed anger or hostility, any psychotropic drug can result in paradoxical or unintended behaviors.

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Has anyone had anger and hostility while on buspar (buspirone)?

Buspar/anger/hostili. It is not a side effect listed, it is an antianxiety agent and actually it reduces anger and hostility and if some one is still havivg it or is worse than you need to switch to a different med or may need dose adjustment. Read more...
Buspar (buspirone) Possible on high dose in patient with anger problems or bipolar do. Read more...