Will a male doc leave the room for a female physical exam, scared to go get one done have sores on my vagina if he does not leave can I ask him to?

It is time. You have a medical problem that requires an examination. You need this examination to get better. You are 46 years old. It is time to be an adult and have your exam. If you think for one moment that the doctor, male or female, will have any inappropriate thoughts about your skin then you are mistaken. We see skin every single day of our lives. It is skin and it must be examined. Go to the doctor!
Absolutely. Your comfort level with an exam is one of the most important things to your physician. If you do not want someone else in the room during you exam it is perfectly acceptable for you to voice that to your doctor and have them leave the room.
Chaperone. a male doctor should have a female chaperone doctors are all used to "things" like penile or vaginal lesion so try to relax but if a female physician is available please ask.