How often do yuo get the hep a & hep b vaccine?

Hep A and B vaccines. Hep a vaccinations is given as 2 shots at least 6 months apart. Hep b is a series of 3 shots given within a 6 month period (first dose, then 2months and 6 months after the first dose). Once these regimens are completed, you should not require further doses.
Two/HepA&3 For HepB. HepA you get two doses six months apart HepB you get three doses 2nd dose after 1 month and third after 6 months. Thatis 0-1-6 months.

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When should one get the hep b vaccine?

At birth, 2&6months. All children are given first dose after birth, second at 1month and third at 5-6 month age adults or children who were not immunised may be given hepb, vaccine 2nd dose imonth after the first and third dose 4months after second dose.

Think it was safe to be given a shot of hep b vaccine that was not refrigerated for 2 hrs just prior to injection? Can I get another shot right after?

Yes, yes. There are studies showing that the vaccine retained its potency after more than a week at normal human body temperature. Www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed1534639.the storage at 36f to 46f is recommended but warming to room temperature before use decreases the discomfort to many patients.

If I had sex 7 days ago and I get HEP B vaccine now or next week. Would it prevent it?

No protection. Hepatitis B infection is rare after any single heterosexual exposure, unless your partner is at special risk (e.g. bisexual, injection drug user, etc). If your partner was another male, the risk is higher, but still not common after any single exposure. The vaccine takes a few weeks to become protective. If already exposed, the vaccine alone will not prevent infection.
Please be more. Specific. What "it" are you referring to when you ask "Would it prevent it? " What do you mean by "prevent"? If you resubmit your question with more detail & specifics, one of our doctors may be able to help you. Dr, Anne.

Why do babies need to get a hep b vaccine in the hospital and not later on in life when it is safer?

To Save Lives. To prevent the rare case of neonatal hepatitis b, which may be deadly or cause permanent liver disease. And who says it is less safe to give an infant the vaccine. Safety is there for all ages.
Safer????????????? The original studies on the vaccine were all done with the initial dose within hours of birth. The reason it is done now is the success in reducing endemic Hep B in Hawaii where it was studied & common among Polynesians & passed from mother to baby. It worked & there is NO REASON to believe it is safer to wait. Having treated a 9mo with unexpected Hep B liver failure I know the bad that can happen.


You heard wrong. There are no medical treatments, vaccines, or illnesses that have any proved effect on HIV test reliability, and the hepatitis B vaccine certainly cannot do it. Your HIV test will be reliable, as long as it is done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure.

Weird reaction to hep b vaccine. What to do?

2 things. Notify the doctor who administered it, and you can also submit a report to the vaccine adverse events reporting system (vaers).

What to do about hep b vaccine - benefit/risk ratio?

Depends. If you understand immunity and how vaccines work, this is simple. Hep B is a sturdy germ that can live in a needle or other bloody debris for months. People have been infected cleaning out a house, thru sex, and many other exposures. The Hep B series can provide lifetime protection against a leading cause of liver failure/transplant. Risk is negligible.

Consequences of being unresponsive to the hep b vaccine?

Nothing except.... Nothing other than you have no added immune protection against the disease.
Unprotected. This may mean you are not protected if exposed to the virus Some times another series of Hep B vaccine will result in a response with antibody formation in some individuals.