What do abnormal pap results mean?

Precancerous cells. Abnormal pap results usually indicate precancerous cells caused by hpv virus. Your doctor will make a personal recommendation for you based on how severe the abnormality is. More testing may be necessary to determine if you need a procedure done to remove the abnormal cells and decrease your risk of developing cervical cancer. Please ask your physician to explain your results to you.
Papilloma Virus. A sample of the cervix is taken during a pelvic exam and smeared on a glass slide to be viewed under the microscope. If the cells look abnormal then they are graded and reported as abnormal. The abnomality is usually caused by a papilloma virus infection and might lead to the development of cervical cancer.

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What do abnormal pap test results mean?

It depends. A pap smear is a test used to screen for cervical cancer, where a doc takes a sample of cells from the cervix. There is a wide range of abnormal results. Some pap tests come back showing you have a virus called hpv which is extremely common in sexually active women. Pap smears can also show that the cells of the cervix themselves are abnormal, showing pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. Read more...
Abnl Pap Smears. An abnormal pap smear means that cells were found that might have changes that put you at risk for the later development of cervical cancer. These changes can be subtle, and often are inflammatory or reactive, but they can also pre-sage cancer development. Your gyn practitioner, along with your pathologist, can explain your specific findings and recommend any necessary treatments. Read more...