What check-ups should a woman have after treatment for cervical cancer?

Cervix. Get a gyn oncologyst to see you and establish a follow up schedule. The surveillance lasts many years after procedure and requires earlier more visits.
Pap smears. Regular pap smears are important, depending on the stage if the cancer, your doctor may want you to have repeat colposcopies.

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Can I get cervical cancer between my 3 months check ups from HPV? Will it develop in such short time? If so, will o need to shift monthly tests then??

Follow the protocol. Depending on what shows up on your pap smear, you'll be given the length of time that's safe for follow-up. Cancers take time to develop and there are lengths of time that are reasonably safe for waiting. I'm glad that you understand the importance of this and wish you a good outcome.

Just got mri results after treatment for cervical cancer. It' is satisfactory. What does that mean.

Your doctor can addr. Your reports are expected to be seen and explained to you by your doctor who ordered the test. Usually if a report is satisfactory, it implies tht a there is nothing obviously wrong found. So it would mean that there is no tumor visible in your MRI.

Please answer me. Is a loop diathermy treatment for cervical cancer?

Used For precancer. Carcinoma in situ or CIN is a precancerous condition which can be diagnosed with a PAP smear. If it is Grade-3 then loop diathermy can be useful to eliminate it before it becomes cancerous.

Does treatment for cervical cancer hurt?

No, it should not. Cervical cancer is often treated with radiotherapy which is a painless procedure. Surgery is occasionally used. Even that may be painless if it is internal but some postop pain can be felt for few days if it is a major surgery.

What is the treatment for cervical cancer?

Depends on stage. Treatment for cervical cancer depends on the extent of the disease (stage). For earlier stages surgery alone can be used with some indications for radiation and or chemotherapy afterwards. In cases that are not early combined chemotherapy and radiation are typically used.
Depends on stage. If early or minimal surgery is most often used. If very early and childbearing age it's possible to save the uterus. If more advanced or not a surgical candidate radiation plus or minus chemotherapy is used. Radiation has the ability to use external machines with internal implants to achieve very good results.

Can the treatment for cervical cancer always include chemo or radiation?

No. Early cervix cancer is often treated with surgery alone. More advance stages are treated with chemotherapy and radiation since surgery is not the best treatment. Radiation often involves both external and internal treatments.

Cervical cancer treatment: how many are they?

Cervical ca Rx. The 3 mainstays of Rx for cervical cancer: Surgery, Radiation Oncology and Chemotherapy. Some ladies only need surgery while others need all three treatment modalities.