Dob3/31/14 nasal cong. Dry cough sneezing Fussy rectal temp 99.7 have head elevated took into steamy shower min mucas with separator. Breastfeeding.

Ok so far... How long has she been sick? She has surpassed her 6 week mark. If her temperature rises above 100.4 call the doctor right away. If she has been sick like this for more than 4 days call. Keep breastfeeding and doing what you are doing. A humidifier may help.
URI. Unfortunately, your baby is developing symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. Increasing humidity, using Normal Saline nasal drops and nursing frequently are suggestions for you overnight. Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Motrin are not recommended for infants under two months of age. It would be wise to secure an appointment with your pediatrician first thing in the morning.